Friday, 13 August 2010

August 2010 ~ The megalomaniac ii issue


We’re writing to let you know about the various inclusive improv projects currently being planned and a whole load of opportunities to get involved. (we opted for one longer email rather than three or four shorter ones for all the stuff below...)

First of all thanks to everyone who was involved in WofS 2010 - if you have any photos, recordings, video, code, or even just thoughts you would like to share then please feel free to add them to the wiki site. If you’re not sure how, just email the content to us and we will try and sort it for you.

Now for some news about things being planned,

The Week of Speakers project is due to continue with a miniWofS event in October and then WofS 2011 sometime in 2011. Both of these events are looking for artistic curators; perhaps you would be interested?

The artistic curator is responsible for making the final decisions regarding the programming of the events and the feel of the events.

For more details visit

Also, curatorships and performance opportunities are available from January to May 2011 in the continuation of the iiGig series. This is a great opportunity to program a gig you would like to hear, pay the performers and not need worry about venue or equipment. Follow the above link for more information.

Finally two exciting new projects for the coming year;

In the very early stages of planning is a series of round-table discussions considering issues of significance to participants of inclusive improv events. If you would like to propose a topic for discussion, participate or suggest participants just add it to the wiki page:

Lastly, during September this year ii will host CreativePact 2010, taking over from Toplap’s Hackpact of last year. CreativePact is the hub of a group of artists, musicians and technologists who enter a pact to create and document some new creative output daily over the course of a month. What each person chooses to create is up to them, with web-based documentation of the pact being fundamental to make sure it is stuck to. Anyone may join CreativePact, more details on how to join can be found at

So much excitement in the world of the inclusive improv.

Hope to see you


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