Monday, 30 August 2010

CreativePact in September 2010

Here in England it's August Bank Holiday Monday, which means that it will very soon be September, the end of summer, the start of a fresh academic year… whatever annual cycles you observe this is surely a busy time. 

But what of all those creative projects we keep meaning to make time for?

Sometimes all we need is a little incentive to get on with things that, although we'd like to be doing them, might not otherwise seem important enough to keep going.

Last September Toplap hosted a hackpact:

A hackpact is where two or more people have a pact to create and document (i.e., upload for others to see) something new every day for a month. … No universal rules but you might want to enforce your own.

This year inclusive improv are hosting CreativePact with the same basic idea: for people to do and to share a-thing-a-day for a month:

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